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Motorcycle Accidents

Morgantown Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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When motorcycle operators and passengers are involved in collisions with cars, trucks, and other vehicles, they tend to suffer severe, catastrophic injuries. Sadly, many motorcycle accidents end in fatalities. Because motorcyclists are relatively unprotected compared to people in other types of vehicles, they are the ones who typically suffer the greatest injuries and highest number of accident-related deaths.

If you were injured or your loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident in West Virginia or Pennsylvania, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. At Hayhurst Law, we understand that no amount of financial recovery can make up for what you have been through; however, it can allow you the ability to heal and move forward from the accident.

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Proving Liability in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Like most personal injury claims, motorcycle accident claims are dependent on the issue of liability. In other words, in order to recover compensation, you will need to prove that another person or entity is responsible for the accident that led to your injuries.

Thousands of motorcycle accidents are caused by the careless, reckless, and wrongful actions of other motorists. Some of these negligent actions include:

  • man riding around a corner on his motorcycleDriving while distracted
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Speeding
  • Driving recklessly
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way
  • Failing to stop at stop signs/stoplights
  • Making illegal driving maneuvers
  • Driving while fatigued/falling asleep at the wheel
  • Following too closely (“tailgating”)
  • Failing to check for motorcyclists before changing lanes

These and many other negligent driving behaviors can—and do—lead to countless motorcycle accidents on West Virginia highways and roads. In such cases, victims and their family members can pursue justice by filing motorcycle accident claims against negligent motorists. However, in rarer circumstances, motorcycle accidents are caused by defective parts, such as motorcycle tires or brakes. Defective road construction or defective road design may also lead to devastating accidents. When this is the case, victims can bring claims against liable parties, such as parts manufacturers, municipal entities, and others.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

If you have been involved in an accident, there are several common types of motorcycle injuries you may have sustained, ranging from external injuries to internal injuries that can be difficult to detect at times:

  • Serious or traumatic brain injuries
  • Damage to internal organs, including internal bleeding
  • Crushed or fractured legs
  • Road rash
  • Spinal cord injuries

Many of the injuries you may sustain in a motorcycle accident can be life-threatening, and if you survive your accident it's possible that you may need ongoing medical treatment and care in order to fully recover from your injuries. Medical expenses can pile up quickly. By securing a settlement for your accident, we can help ensure you get the treatment that you need.

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If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and you believe someone else is at fault, you should contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Morgantown who can help you navigate the legal process. Attorney Eric Hayhurst has over a decade of legal experience and has recovered millions for his clients. Our firm is prepared to aggressively advocate for you.

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Client Testimonials

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  • He was always there for me.

    “I was very impressed with his level of concern and compassion for my disabilities after my accident.”

    - Angela
  • Expertly guided me through the difficulties of a personal injury lawsuit.

    “He settled my case at the maximum amount available which allowed me to have the surgery needed and replace the finances I lost during the ‘battle’ with the insurance companies.”

    - Judy
  • I have always been impressed with his intellect and hard work.

    “Eric sincerely cares about his clients and is a great advocate for them.”

    - Richard D.
  • I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for professional and efficient legal services.

    “Eric Hayhurst's expertise and diligence to seeing my case through was a relief to my family's peace of mind.”

    - Jessica E.
  • I am happy with the outcome and what he was able to accomplish on my behalf.

    “He kept me well advised and informed during every step of the case.”

    - Tracy D.

Verdicts & Settlements

Your Victories are Our Victories
  • $2 Million Wrongful Death Car Accident

    Head-on collision between SUV and box truck.

  • $1.1 Million Car Accident - Spinal Cord Injury
  • $350 Thousand Medical Malpractice
  • $300 Thousand Car Accident
  • $225 Thousand Slip & Fall
  • Limit of Available Insurance Single Vehicle Rollover Accident
  • $125 Thousand Auto vs. Tow-Truck Collision
  • $122.5 Thousand Car Accident
  • $105 Thousand Slip & Fall
  • $100 Thousand Car Accident

    Head-on collision involving a DUI driver.


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