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Employment Law – Hayhurst Law PLLC

Whether you are entering the job market or were recently terminated, it is vital to understand your rights as an employee. Both federal and state governments have established employment laws which protect you from discriminatory treatment, unfair labor practices, unsafe work conditions and more. When involved in an employment law dispute, it’s within your best interest to consult with an attorney.

There are many laws that protect you in the workplace that you may not even be aware of. If you suspect that your employer may be violating your rights, you should take action. Many people in the United States do not realize the workplace rights that they are entitled to. Although it does depend on where you live, what kind of job you have and the size of your employer, your rights may include:

  • ZSafe work environment
  • ZDegree of privacy
  • ZFreedom from discrimination, whether it’s based upon your age, race, national origin, gender, ethnicity, pregnancy, religion or disability
  • ZFair pay, meaning at least minimum wage, plus overtime for any hours worked over 40 hours a week
  • ZFreedom from harassment, sexual and otherwise
  • ZTaking time from work to tend to your own or a family member’s illness
  • ZTaking leave following the birth of a child

If you suspect that any of the above rights have been compromised, first talk with your employer. Most of the time, open and honest communication is the easiest and fastest way to resolve difficulties. However, if the issue is not being resolved, taking legal action could be the next logical step. With our expert understanding of employment law violations, Hayhurst PLLC can mediate disputes as well as file workplace discrimination lawsuits in your legal case.